Staging for Any Budget

The Next Stage will recommend furniture, accessories, artwork, floor coverings, accent pieces, lighting and window coverings.  We will work within each homeowner's budget and strive to achieve a finished product that will enable the homeowner to showcase the property to it's full potential.  Many of our customers have said they want to stay in their homes after we have staged them for sale!  Give us a call and allow us to show you what amazing work we do as we transform ordinary rooms into inviting, and comfortable places to occupy. In addition to Home Staging, we provide other related services as outlined below.

Other Services

  • Offsite storage - We will arrange for the offsite storage of furniture, clothing, artwork, paperwork, accessories while your home is listed for sale.

  • Photography - We will coordinate a real-estate photographer to take professional images of your property for use in marketing brochures, digital marketing.

  • Final Showing - We will help you to prepare for showings to prospective buyers.

  • Moving Assistance - We will assist with with moving, packing, and delivery to your new home.

  • Design and plan - We will help you design and plan your new home in a way that suits your lifestyle. We will set up your new home, acquire furniture, art, accessories suitable to the new space.

  • Downsizing - We help make decisions on what to keep, what to sell or give away and what to dispose of. For more details on what is involved in downsizing, click this link.