Downsize your home or condo


DownsizING Services

We recognize moving is stressful and time-consuming! We know it can be overwhelming for many people to get through it and make decisions about what to keep and what to give away or dispose of. For this reason, we offer downsizing services for busy professionals, seniors, or anyone looking for help moving to the next stage in their lives. We all need help getting through life’s transitions!

Included in our downsize services are the following:

  • Decision making support - Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what to keep! We will help you make some tough choices and decide what needs to be sold, given away or disposed of. We help you work through the most practical solution based on the item or items and how much they mean to you, how much space you have to work with, and if others might benefit from the item.

  • Manage the process - Working with a compassionate and thoughtful professional can help overcome procrastination. We will work with you to set a schedule, prioritize tasks, and keep moving forward toward completion of your downsizing goal. We will keep you accountable and help you make tough decisions and depart with unwanted items and declutter your life. Once you have gotten through it, you will be much happier in a space that is the right size for your current needs.

  • Manage third parties - We will introduce you to third parties we have worked with in the past. They are trusted professionals with whom we have a relationship. So we count on them for great service (or we won’t use them next time!) and they know we’ll use them again if they are reliable, professional and reasonably priced. Third parties we use include auction houses, movers, disposal services, painters, floor refinishing, electrical, general repairmen and others.

  • Setup in new location - We will arrange for new or existing furniture to be delivered. We will help assess whether existing pieces are suitable and where they should be placed in your new space.