How does Home Staging add value to a home or condo?

I am often asked this question by people getting ready to sell their home as they move to the next stage of their lives.  In some cases, the homeowner has spent years or even decades in their home and during that time, created so many happy memories with family and friends.  The memories include holidays, birthdays, time with parents, children or grandchildren, late nights or early mornings working on projects.  There may have been events in the neighbourhood, the community, the extended family – all of whom were invited to congregate to connect, interact, celebrate or even stay over for an extended time as they pass through and need a place to sleep.

Throughout the years, the homeowner has acquired or collected furniture, artwork, pictures, accessory pieces and put their own distinct and special “mark” on the home.  It is their own personal style and reflections and reminders and a collection of accessories that help reinforce those happy memories and remind them of the good times and positive experiences.  Yet it is that same collection of furniture, artwork, pictures and accessories that cause a home to be less appealing to a potential home buyer.  A potential home buyer does not share those positive memories.  When a potential buyer walks through, they want to try to picture in their mind what life might be like for them living in that residence.  So they want to see the residence in a state that might appeal to their lifestyle.

Throughout the years, the homeowner has also likely decorated based on a colour or pattern or fabric that, at the time it was purchased, was appealing and visually cohesive with other colours or patterns or fabric in the home.  The décor was a reflection of the homeowner’s own personal style and personality, mood or feeling at the time.  Or sometimes it was the influence of a friend or designer or painter or family member that swayed the homeowner to choose a certain colour or style.  When combined with the other furniture, artwork, pictures, decorative pieces, those colours and patterns may no longer be appealing together or may just be “tired” or not suitable to be combined.  When the potential buyer walks through, they notice right away colours, patterns or fabric that are not attractive or appealing.  The prospective buyer is trying to picture in their mind what life might be like living in that residence and they want to see the space in a fresh perspective.

All homeowners who are selling would like to receive a fair market value for their home.  This is based on the current market conditions, and similar home sales in the area.  In order to receive fair value, the homeowner must always try to present their home in a way that appeals to as many prospective buyers as possible.  This will ensure the open house and showings attract as many people who can picture themselves living in the residence as possible.  Home staging helps to ensure that the home is presented in a cohesive, stylish, attractive, pleasing and inviting manner.

A home stager is a professional who is skilled in design and has an eye for what works and what doesn’t.  But more importantly a home stager is a good communicator who can help the homeowner showcase what existing furniture or art or colours and patterns that work well together and put away those other pieces until the home sells.  In short, a home stager will present the home in a way that is appealing to today’s buyer.

Ultimately once the home sells, the homeowner can create new memories in another space.  This will allow them to start fresh and keep the items they want and give away or store or let go of the things they can no longer keep.  The memories will always last and this is a healthy process that we must all go through as we enter the next stage of our lives.

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Emily Rivard