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Emily Rivard, Proprietor of The Next Stage Limited

Emily Rivard, Proprietor of The Next Stage Limited


It all started when...

Her staging career started at 13 years old.  After Emily's parents left the house on a date, and after her siblings were in bed, Emily would move the furniture and art around in the living room. She wanted the home to be more functional, stylish and comfortable for her family of six.  When her parents returned, they were thrilled by how great their new living room looked and amazed at how their teenage daughter pulled it off while her siblings were asleep.  Emily has been staging ever since!  

Emily moved on to re-design her own home several times and help friends and family before starting her own firm in 2006. Emily loves being creative and overcoming challenges.  She also enjoys working with people and truly cares about her clients. 

Emily and her team make a space more visually appealing, more functional and easier to picture living in.  They often work with existing furniture and art, but in some cases, recommend that other furniture and accessories be brought in when it will significantly enhance the presentation and potential selling value of the home.

While The Next Stage specializes in residential homes and condominiums, they have also worked on professional offices and even cottages.  The Next Stage can transform any space to highlight its potential, demonstrate its functionality and maximize its perceived value.